Ndiyona Constituency

Hon. Laurentius Mukoya


Hon. Mukoya is currently the elected Councillor for Ndiyona Constituency.
He is a member of Management Committe of Kavango East Regional Council.

Ndiyona Constituency is 5211.517 km2 in extend and had a population of about 9 551 inhabitants in 2011.

The economy of Ndiyona is mostly related to tourism and conservation as well as subsistence farming consisting of crop production and livestock rearing. In terms of conservation and community based natural resource management, Ndiyona Constituency accommodates the Khaudum National Park, George Mukoya Conservancy, the Muduva - Nyangana Conservancy and Community Forest. .

In terms of conservation and community based natural resource management, the constituency shares the Hans Kanyinga community forest with the Mashare Constituency but has no other conservancies of community managed natural resource areas. Though not managed at a conservation level, the Shitemo Village River inhabits a large number of hippopotamus visible all seasons of the year, an attractive scenery.

There are also some tourism establishments in the constituency namely Makena lodge, Kavango Busch Camp, Shamhvura Camp, Korokoko rest Camp and Kayova River Lodge. In terms of education, it is a home to one of the oldest school in the region – Linus Shashipapo Senior Secondary school which was established in 1974. This school is undergoing a comprehensive revamp as it was in a dilapidated condition. .

Installation of MTC Tower for the upgrade of the network in the Constituency is ongoing to enhance communication. Furthermore, government efforts to provide access to portable water to the residents, a water pipeline have been laid from Shamvhura to Mbambi. These communities would walk long distance to the Kavango River to fetch water.

The Constituency is also a home to the proclaimed Ndiyona Settlement that is responsible to provide basic services to the people such as water, electricity, street lights, roads, and sewer reticulation. Some other developments that has taken place at the settlement is the implementation of the Build together housing program aimed at providing affordable housing to the low income earners. The settlement is also a home to various government ministry offices, a state of the art Police station and non-governmental agencies.

Potential areas of investment includes Agriculture and agro-processing, Forestry, Urban development, water supply to rural communities, Manufacturing, Trade, Services and Tourism .

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