Hon. Micheal Kampota


Hon. Kampota is currently the elected Councillor for Ndonga-Linena Constituency.
He is a member of Management Committee of Kavango East Regional Council.

The constituency is 2,850.6 km2 in extent and had a population of 11,082 in 2011.

The economy of the Ndonga Linena Constituency is mostly built on the Ndonga Linena green scheme, Shitemo irrigation projects, Shankara Irrigation and subsistence farming consisting of crop production and livestock rearing in the reminder of the constituenc.

In terms of conservation and community based natural resource management, the constituency shares the Hans Kanyinga community forest with the Mashare Constituency but has no other conservancies of community managed natural resource areas. Though not managed at a conservation level, the Shitemo Village River inhabits a large number of hippopotamus visible all seasons of the year, an attractive scenery.

The constituency is also a home to the oldest Roman Catholic Church and a hospital which known as Nyangana Hospital and Nyangana Roman Catholic Church built by the first missionaries settlers in the region. The constituency also has a residential facility named after the late VaGciricu chief, Kassian Shiyambi which house needy children referred to the center by the Child welfare department. It is managed by by the Roman Catholic nuns.

The constituency is also characterised by some Small Sale Commercial Farms, most of which are gazetted but with some that remains to be gazetted. These SSCFs are located in the central and southern part of the constituency and are challenged by poor accessibility and lack of services. Shankara Rest Camp is the only tourist establishments in the constituency. Potential area of investment in the constituency include agriculture and agro-processing, Manufacturing, services and tourism.