Rundu Urban Constituency

Hon. Vicky Kauma


Hon. Kauma is currently the elected Councillor for Rundu Urban Constituency.
She is the Deputy Chairperson of 6th National Council.

The constituency is about 155.5 km2 in extent and had a population of 63,431 in 2011 at a mean density of 407 persons per km2. It is estimated that the population in the constituency grew at a rate of 3.6% between 2001 and 2011

The Rundu Urban Constituency is located in the extreme north-western corner of the Region and basically consists of the town of Rundu. Rundu is the second largest urban area in Namibia if defined in terms of its population.

Rundu is an administrative capital for the Kavango East Region. With its diverse cultures and people, many skills and talents are evident in the creativity of business activities in the town.
Rundu has diverse sceneries for tourism. Most notably, the Kavango river which borders Namibia and Angola. Rundu Town has many lodges in and around Rundu and enhances tourism potential of the area.

As one of the potentials to attract tourists to the town of Rundu in particular, are the Rundu Open Market and Kehemu Open Market where you can find a wide variety of things, from local food and drinks, crafts are displayed.

Rundu and its surrounding rural areas is conducive for crop production due to its suitable soil type for crops, high rainfall, conducive weather conditions and its rich water resources. On the periphery of the town, there are several communal vegetable farmers in addition to vegetable production on Green Scheme farm projects in the region, who produce vegetables mainly for both subsistence consumption and limited intra-town trade. Most commonly produced vegetables include potatoes, onions, cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, beetroot, butternuts, water melons and pumpkins. Uvhungu-vhungu irrigation project is currently the largest vegetable producer in town.

Agro-Marketing Trade Agency (AMTA) also in Rundu town which serve as a marketing hub for locally produced horticulture produce.
There are five tertiary Institutions in Rundu, namely: University of Namibia Rundu campus, Institute of Open Learning (IOL), Rundu Vocational Training Centre, Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) and Triumphant College. Additionally, Namibia University of Science and Technology has a center in Rundu that provide support for students who are studying on distance.

There are 3 hospitals, 30 clinics and one health centre in the Kavango East Region. Of these, one referral hospital and six clinics are found in the Rundu Urban Constituency There is also one Private Hospital with admission facilities while the other nine are private health consultation with no admission facilities.

The town of Rundu has a police station as well as private companies offering security services, a positive intervention to aid the national police service efforts in reducing security related crimes within the town.

Furthermore, Rundu town has four branches of commercial banks namely: First National Bank, Bank Windhoek, Ned bank and Standard bank rendering banking services to the inhabitants of the region in general.

Rundu airport is situated approximately 5 kilometers Southwest of Rundu town. This airport serves as a convenient route for travellers to the Kavango East Region for business and leisure.
The entire constituency is covered with telecommunication and mobile telecom services.
Within the town, there are several government branch offices that are meant to provide most of the services provided by the respective ministries at the head offices in Windhoek.
The town has also local sport fields for different sport codes.
Rundu has substantial potential for further development with notable serviced land for business development. It is also strategically located along the Trans Caprivi Highway and serves as a gateway to other towns and in the sub region of SADC.

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