This function was earmarked to be decentralized to the Regional Councils.

The function was decentralized the Kavango East Regional Council in 2009.


To ensure modern, reliable infrastructure, proper maintenance and rehabilitation of government infrastructure.


To provide efficient and effective services delivery to all our clients.


To manage and maintain Government facilities and related infrastructures to the best possible standard according to the available financial and human resources.

Regional Office Consists of Three Main Divisions:

  • Inspectorate
  • Support services
  • Workshop


  1. The Department of works is responsible for the planning, provision, management and maintenance of government Buildings and related infrastructure.
  2. Department is a service-rendering department, which fulfills the requirements of other line Ministries when it comes to the   provision of the above.
  3. The Department further has the function to promulgate and regulate Acts related to the provision of the Architects, Quantity Surveyors and the Engineering Services to the public and to administer legislation regarding these expectations.

The Department of Works is further tasked to provide the following maintenance activities at various government institutions.

Civil work: Cleaning of gutters and galleys, fixing of leaking taps and cisterns, attend to blocked sewer and drains, replacement of door locks and hinges, window handles and stays, damaged cupboard doors and other minor civil work.

Electrical work: Replacement of bulbs and fluorescent tubes, regular minor services of generator sets e.g. Replacement of filters, oil, batteries etc.

Mechanical work: Regular minor services to mechanical equipment and installations e.g. Replacement of filters, oil, batteries, etc.



Core functions of Division Technical and Maintenance Services

  • Providing services at remote areas (water, electricity and sewerage)
  • Maintain, service, repair, renovate and facilitate the upgrading of existing government buildings and related infrastructure.
  • Provide technical advice to user ministries on upgrading, renovations and minor new works.
  • Annual contract tendering.
  • Facilitate functional training.
  • Manage regional assets
  • Quality control on capital projects.
  • Quality control on maintenance activities of government buildings and related infrastructure and installations.
  • Manage decentralized data bank.