The Rundu Rural Constituency is located in the extreme north-western corner of the Region just to the south and east of the Rundu Urban constituency.

The constituency is 1,068.7 km2 in extent and had a population of 9,381 in 2011 at a mean density of 8.78 persons per km2. It is estimated that the population in the constituency grew at a rate of 1.4% between 2001 and 2011.


The Rundu Rural Constituency has little economic activity. It is overshadowed by Rundu, yet offers substantial development opportunities related to the main road and the river. The economy of the constituency is mostly built on subsistence farming consisting of crop production and livestock rearing. Forest products also seem important and there are three registered community forests namely Likwaterera, Cuma and Ncaute community forests. 

Part of the emerging Kapinga Kamwalye also falls within the boundaries of the constituency.
 In terms of wildlife and tourism, the Kavango River offers some opportunities but there is only one tourist establishment namely Kaisosi Lodge in the constituency.

Sector:     Areas of Investment 
Agriculture and Agro Processing     
• Dairy Farming 
• Intensive small scale Irrigated Horticulture 
• Crop production 
• Exotic cultivated products 

• Timber harvesting and partial processing 
• Thatching Grass 

• Technical services (car maintenance, cooling, plumbing etc.) 

• High end Lodge or two 

Hon. Paulus N. Mbangu

Hon. Paulus N. Mbangu
Rundu Rural Constituency Councilor