Regional Governors are appointed in terms of article 110A of the Namibian Constitution as political heads of their respective regions. While an Act of Parliament prescribe the powers and functions  of Regional Governors.



To oversee the exercise of any executive function of Government in the region for which he or she is the Regional Governor, and he or she shall be the link between the central Government and the Regional Council, Local Authorities and Traditional Leaders in the region concerned .



 Act as political head of the region

  • Serve as a link between the central government and the Regional Council, Local Authorities and Traditional Leaders in the region

  • Represents Central Government in the region

  • Oversee the exercise  of any executive function of government in the region, in consultation with the Minister of any OMAs

  • Investigate and report on any matter relating to the region, if requested by the President or relevant Minister

  • To mediate, or settle any dispute or other mater that might arise in the region

  •  Coordinate with the Chairperson of the Regional Council and members of the Management Committee and other councillors on the matters relevant to the functions of the Regional Council

  • Coordinate the functions and activities relevant to Local and Traditional Authorities in the region, and perform other duties and functions as it maybe assigned by the President, the Minister of Urbana and Rural Development

 Support Staff

 The Governor is supported by Control Administrative Officer, Personal Assistant, Private Secretary, Switchboard Operators, Office Assistant and the two Drivers. However, in terms of approved staff establishment more positions will still be filled in future, when funds are available.


Regional Stakeholders

  • Regional Council
  • Local Authorities
  • Traditional Authorities
  • OMAS
  • Business Communities
  • Faith Based Organization
  • Youth, and Women’s Group, and many more

International Cooperation

  • Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe
  • Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

 Public Appointment  to see the Governor

Under normal circumstances, any individuals or organizations whishing to have the attention of the Honourable Governor, should request for such an appointment in writing. The Private Sectary to the Governor will confirm the date and time of appointment. Alternatively, the Private Secretary may direct such an appointment to the relevant office within the office building. For example  administrative matters to the Office Administrator and political & development issues to the Personal Assistant for further scrutiny, before the matter enjoys the attention of the Honourable Governor.

Individuals or Institutions allowed to make appointment

The Office of the Governor is a public office, therefore it is open to every persons/s or institutions intending to bring certain issue or advice to the attention of the Honourable Governor who is the Political Head of the Kavango East Region.  However, some issues need first the attention of the Honourable Councillors of the various Constituencies, Local Authority Councils or Traditional Authorities or Traditional Authorities.


Hon. Bonifatius Wakudumo

Hon. Bonifatius Wakudumo

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