The Kavango East Regional Council administers the Ndiyona Settlement which is located in the center of the then Ndiyona Village situated some 100 km East Rundu. It is shared by two neighboring constituencies, Ndiyona and Ndonga Linena Constituency according to the demarcation policy.

Ndiyona was declared as settlement area in 2007, and the Settlement town land is estimated to be 1199.463 hectors converted to 11994633.64 square meters with the estimated people population of 2211 to date.

The settlement offices provide municipal services to the inhabitants, namely water provision, sewerage management, refuse removal, street roads.

The Directorate of Finance and Administration through the division Administration is responsible for the provision of Land through a leasehold basis.

 The Land application process requires the interested party/applicant to complete an application form which is submitted to the respective Settlement office. The Officer in Charge at these Settlement Offices then present the application form to the Settlement Committee for recommendation to Council for consideration.


Economic activities

Economic activities taking place at Ndiyona Settlement area are such as small and medium businesses that are largely based on retailing, income generating projects, catering services, bricks making and agriculture.


Service Provision

Ndiyona Settlement provide the following services:

  • Municipal Services

The Ndiyona Settlement Office provide municipal services to the local inhabitants within that particular settlement area. The services provided are (amongst others): provision of water, sewerage management, refuse removal and solid waste management, street roads and electricity (through its partner NORED).

  • Housing

Through the Decentralized Build Together Programme, the Regional Council provides funding to the residents in Ndiyona settlement area, for the construction of low cost housing.

This service is rendered by the Directorate: General Services, in collaboration with the Directorate: Development Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

  • Leasing of Plots

The Division: Administration, through the Settlement Office and the recommendation of Settlement Development Committees, lease serviced residential, business and institutional plots to the public.


Potential area of Investment

Ndiyona settlement area has serviced land for residential, business and public and private institutions. The settlement has potential opportunities in areas such as tourism and hospitality, agro-processing, Timber harvesting and partial processing, Cultural tourism, Technical services (car maintenance, cooling, plumbing etc.) setting up a vocational training Centre and small scale service industries, setting up of an abattoir and hides and skins processing, urban land development and Development of Ndiyona as local service center.


Key Government institutions

There are three (3) schools of which one (1) is a secondary school, combined school, one (1) is a primary schools and, education circuit office, one (1) clinic and a police substation.