The Rundu Urban Constituency is located in the extreme north-western corner of the Region and basically consists of the town of Rundu. Rundu is the second largest urban area in Namibia if defined in terms of its population.

The constituency is 155.8 km2 in extent and had a population of 63,431 in 2011 at a mean density of 407 persons per km2. It is estimated that the population in the constituency grew at a rate of 3.6% between 2001 and 2011.


Rundu is the economic mainstay of the region and approximately 80% of all non-agricultural economic activity takes place in Rundu. There are three open markets in the constituency namely the Rundu, Kehemu and Sauyemwa Open Markets. There is also an SME park, the enormous Fresh Produce Business Hub and the new Community Convention Centre. There are about 200 formal business units covering about 47 000m2 of floor space in the town. There are four commercial banks, public and private medical services and several accommodation and conference facilities. 

Being the capital of the region, one also finds a number of regional ministerial offices and other agencies in the constituency while there are also 5 filling stations and the Rundu Airport. In total there are about 550 service industry entrepreneurs in Rundu. Of the 131 manufacturing entities in the former Kavango Region, most are found in Rundu. 

Although the constituency is dominated by Rundu, there are some agricultural activity taking place and the Vungu-Vungu Agricultural Project is located within the constituency. This project is mainly related to dairy farming as well as irrigated crop production. 

Tourism plays an important role in the economy and there are 13 tourist establishments in and around the town. These are Tambuti Lodge, Kavango River Lodge, Omashare Lodge, Ngandu Lodge, Sarasungu River Lodge, 4 Seasons Valley lodge, Bavaria House, Greenhouse, Sisindi, Dala Darlings Cottage, Nilo Guest house, Agro Guest House and Frank Stone Guest House. Tourism activities relate to shopping (for the large number of shopping tourists visiting Rundu) to bird watching, game viewing, fishing and general scenes and vistas of the Kavango River. 

Rundu has substantial potential for further development and it is important that suitably serviced and zoned land is always available for investors if and when it is required. The Town is also strategically located on the Trans Caprivi Highway and could be developed as a logistics hub which could potentially attract more business to the constituency.



Areas of Investment

Agriculture and Agro Processing


Dairy Farming

Leather and Tannery


Food products





Increased variety of retail offerings

Serving the farming industry

Serving the construction industry


Truck port 

Technical services (car maintenance, cooling, plumbing etc.)

Property development


Rundu Waterfront

Tourism Information Centre

High Standard Restaurant

High Standard Tourist Accommodation

Hon. Victoria M. Kauma

Hon. Victoria M. Kauma
Rundu Urban Constituency Councilor