Rural Development

The Regional Council Act 22 of 1992 and the Decentralization Enabling Act of 2000 provide for the promotion of Rural Development by Regional Councils [RCs].

The coordination of rural development interventions in the region lies with RC through Division Rural Services.

The Regional Council through Rural Services Division is charged with the responsibility to support efforts and initiatives of the rural community, and improve service delivery.

In order to ensure sustainable development, reduction of poverty, food security and improve the livelihood of the rural people in the region, the Kavango East Regional Council has over the years implemented various Income-Generating and Nonprofit-Making projects through the following sub-programs:

  1. Micro-Finance Scheme [MFS]
  2. Regional Specific Action Plan [RSAP]
  3. Rural Employment Scheme [RES]
  4. One Region One Initiative [OROI]
  5. Cash / Food for Work [C/FFW]
  6. Support Resources for Poor Farmers [SRPRF] – (commenced in 2012)
  7. Rural Sanitation [RS]
  8. Rural Development Centre [RDC]

The split of the then Kavango Region into two regions [Kavango East Region and Kavango West Region] has resulted in the Rupara Rural Development Centre falling under Kavango West Region. Meantime, the region has no Rural Development Centre and hence the implementation of this program is not applicable.